May 2017

Bungee Jumping!

The science of bungee jumping is an engaging way to teach about forces as well as algebra. Modelling a bungee jump with an egg or a Barbie doll has been […]

Robots in the Victorian Curriculum

When it comes to robotics, there is a wide range of ready-made robots that claim to be ‘educational’. But when it comes to spending hard-to-come-by school funds on expensive technology, […]

Drones in the Victorian Curriculum

Activity #1 – Investigate the materials that a drone is made of Drones can be made of various plastics, metals, carbon fibres and include a rechargeable battery that contains chemicals […]

Paper helicopters

Image Source The Wright brothers are usually recognized as the first humans to fly, but in fact, several men were airborne in hot-air balloons and steam-powered air ships prior to […]

Many generations of farmers, sailors and other people who work in the great outdoors have relied on weather forecasts to safely and productively manage their activities. Scientific knowledge and modern […]