Circuit scribe and conductive ink pens

I have written about unconventional circuits on this blog before. Squishy circuits, paper circuits and soft circuits are just some of the ways students can lean about simple electric circuits. Although copper adhesive tape has made working with cardboard and paper circuits much easier, there are still some challenges when turning corners and working with three dimensional objects. Circuit scribe pens, or pens that use conductive inks, together with tiny adhesive LED’s, make simple circuit projects even more accessible for students.

The two videos above show some of the uses for circuit scribe pens. At our school we are working on creating a model village with cardboard buildings that are lit up with LED’s. In Maths classes the task is to plan a 1:50 scale model of a building and then create a net that folds into the model. Students are required to calculate the surface area and the volume of their 3D models. We look forward to testing out our circuits to see if we can light up the village with solar power, wind power and/or mains electricity.

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