Two major STEM reports released

Two valuable and interesting research reports have been released recently. “Engaging the future of STEM”, written by Sarah Chapman and Rebecca Vivian, is a study of international best practice for promoting the participation of young people, particularly girls, in science, technology, engineering and maths.

To address our current and future global challenges we need young people who are adaptable, creative, able to think critically, that can use their initiative and collaborate with others to develop solutions and build a productive future for themselves and future generations. Through collective and sustained impact, within a STEM ecosystem, we can drive change and ensure a diverse and thriving STEM workforce of the future.

The Australian Industries Group produced the “Strengthening School-Industry STM Skills Partnership” report, which was commissioned by the Office of the Chief Scientist.

Teacher professional development is central to the achievement of progress in school-industry STEM skills partnerships. There will be no systematic implementation of STEM programs without this. A key component of any professional development for teachers needs to include how to engage with industry and develop partnerships with them. This applies to the future implementation of all models of school-industry STEM partnerships.

Both of these reports include quantitative data, case studies and recommendations for the future, which are well worth reading if you are interested in STEM education.

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