“Day of STEM” online learning resources for teachers and students

Last week I had the privilege of attending the “Cyber Science and Technology in your School” breakfast meeting hosted by LaTrobe University. Steve Morrill, a leading cyber educator from Marylands, USA, presented to a group of principals and leading teachers about the importance of cyber safety as an individual, as well as at a local, state and national level. Steve engaged the audience with images of everyday items that are now Internet-connected, stressing that cyber science is now interdisciplinary – every aspect of our modern lives is influenced by digital technology. He talked about the ‘talent pipeline’ and the lack of skilled employees in STEM, as well as the opportunities for young people to have careers in cyber security.
Steve is transforming school curriculum through cyber education that inspires students to be internet savvy and creative with technology. Our GenCyber are the next wave leaders: empowered, innovative, problem solvers.
Steve runs an extensive after-school program at Loyola Blakefield, whose students were asked by the local council to evaluate the Maryland Emergency Management Agency’s response plan to a cyber attack. Previously, such evaluations had been undertaken by tertiary experts and the secondary students were empowered by the experience of being treated as adults, with their knowledge and skills valued. Steve promotes the importance of students being creators rather than consumers and the necessity for schools, tertiary institutions and industries collaborating to improve student outcomes. His students regularly connect with their peers to share their work and communicate with students in other states and countries.


Steve is a Cyber Teacher Mentor  for the Optus Cyber Security Experience Program 4 of the Day of STEM suite. Steve is a strong advocate for “Life Journey”‘s online immersion programs that empower students to learn about STEM careers from top Australian industry professionals. Their aim is to provide students with the opportunity to develop new skills and perhaps help them to find their own passion. Registration is free for both teachers and students, with four “Day of STEM”  themed programs currently available:

  • Australia 2020 – Careers in innovation and IT
  • Collingwood STEM Cup – a maths-based challenge focused on using data and sports analytics
  • Optus Cyber Security Experience
  • Women in STEM – Leading women in IT

Four more programs will be available soon:

  • Financial technology
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Medical Technology
  • Sustainability

For more information contact Renee Hoareau,
Director, Education & Engagement
LifeJourney International

email: renee@lifejourney.us

mobile: 0416 113 924

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