Drones at Hawkesdale P12 College

Over the past few months, students at Hawkesdale P12 College have had the opportunity to learn about unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) from Matthew and Michael Herbert and Dr Blake Allan […]

Competitions for STEM students

The 2017 Young Scientist Awards is a major project of the Science Teacher’s Association of NSW. Students are challenged to develop a science investigation that can be entered into the […]

Budgeting for STEM

One of the blockers to implementing STEM in classrooms can be the lack of funds for materials for construction. Most schools do not have sufficient financial resources to supply unlimited […]

Digital Technologies in Agriculture

Government, researchers, industry and many farmers recognize the enormous potential of digital technologies to transform agriculture to improve productivity. In combination with advances in biological technology, materials science and seasonal […]

Round 2 of the Digital Literacy School Grants (DLSG) initiative is now open. Digital Literacy School Grants is an initiative under the Inspiring all Australians in Digital Literacy and STEM […]

Problem-based, Project-based or Challenge-based learning have been popular teaching strategies for several decades. What differentiates them from other methods is the elements of self-directed discovery, inquiry and hands-on nature that […]

Two valuable and interesting research reports have been released recently. “Engaging the future of STEM”, written by Sarah Chapman and Rebecca Vivian, is a study of international best practice for promoting […]