Robots in the Australian classroom

Roland Gesthuizen, from Mater Christi College and Monash University, collaborated with seventeen other Australian teachers to produce “Robots in the Australian Classroom”. This document is published under a Creative Commons license […]

Sphero Robots

Sphero’s are small robots that can be controlled using a few different apps, including Sphero and MacroLab in the iTunes store. Apart from being fast, fun and colorful, they can be used […]

Scratch with Warrnambool PS students

‘Scratch’ is an online website and offline software that can be used to create simple animations. It has a range of characters (called ‘sprites’) and backgrounds that can be combined […]

The Digital Technologies strand of the Victorian Curriculum is new to many teachers, especially in Foundation (F to 2) and Breadth (3 to 8) Stages. In Digital Technologies, students use computational thinking […]